Natural remedies to get rid of the cold or flu.

Natural remedies to get rid of the cold or flu.



Natural medicine/ remedies to beat the cold or flu

It’s starting to get closer to the colder weather months and some of us are starting to feel our bodies getting the common cold or flu. I must admit I never ever buy cold or flu tablets. I was always brought up on natural medicine unless it was a last resort kind of thing. 
Either way you are wanting to beat the dreaded flu so you can enjoy your weekend or finish that overdue work…we have all done it.
First off is it a cold or a flu? How can you tell? Easy. If your symptoms tend to be from shoulders up then it’s a cold. The flu is a whole body thing and normally comes on quite quickly. 
My go to for the cold.
I make my own tea which consists of:
lemon grass, ginger, lemon balm,lemon myrtle, green tea. I add local honey in as well. 
You can buy most of this at your local supermarket. You can normally get two teas and that should have all the ingredients and put two tea bags in your cup. 
(Nerada lemon & ginger tea, Nerada Green tea and lemon myrtle)
If I drink a few of these my cold is normally gone quite quickly.
If I’m wanting to be extra safe I will take olive leaf extract as well.
Here are some Natural options that you can take from my favourite book ( There Herbal Drugstore by Linda D. White & Steven Foster) 
I have also tried most of the below and they have all seemed to help.
Honey - Make sure it’s local and raw. Honey has antioxidants, antiviral and antibacterial properties, boosts the immune system and soothes sore throats and coughs.
Echinacea- Is known to stimulate the white blood cell activity, increases the bodys production of antiviral substances such as interferon and enhances the ability of immune cells to engulf and destroy invading microbes. Research shows that echinacea when taken early on can shorten the duration and severity of cold and flu symptoms.
Astralagus- A Chinese herb with immune boosting and antiviral properties. Health practitioners find it particularly useful in enhancing recovery after an illness and in building resistance to infection for people who seem to catch every cold and flu that comes across their path. 
Ginseng: Although do not take if pregnant or have high blood pressure. It’s reputation is for rebuilding immune systems.
Elder / Elderberry- They contain compounds that can inhibit the enzyme that flu viruses use to penetrate our cell membranes. A study was taken in Israeli with results showing most adults and children who took the elderberry extract daily for the flu, got rid of it in two or three days instead of the average 6 days. 
Garlic- Shock horror this makes the list. It has many benefits including boosting the immune system function and inhibiting or killing a broad range of microbes. Garlic is shown to be active against viruses that cause colds and flus. Eat plenty and better in it’s raw form. Worried about bad breath chew parsley leaves or fennel seeds after eating it. 
St John’s wort- According to studies it inhibits the influenza A viruses and para-influenza virus (which produces the flu like symptoms), but not cold viruses.
Lemon Balm- This herb fights a host of bacteria and some viruses, including para-influenza virus. I personally love it in tea and it’s easy to grow in your garden.
Ginger- Anti-inflammatory and analgesic, ginger also helps you cough up mucus and makes you feel warmer. 
Yarrow- This herb posses anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and sweating inducing properties. Herbalists have long included yarrow flowers in cold and flu remedies. 
Boneset- Has a long tradition for cold and flus. It’s used to induce sweating, reduce fever and ease body aches. Studies show it also stimulates immune cells.
Shiitake Mushrooms- A well known Asian medicine. Known to increase the body’s production of antiviral substance interferon. But more known for its substance polysaccharides that stimulate the immune system. It’s recommended to throw a few into your chicken soup.
Recommended vitamins to take for cold and flu- Vitamin C & Zinc    
 natural cold and flu remedies- best herbs to fight the common cold and flu
reference: There Herbal Drugstore by Linda D. White & Steven Foster, images from Body and Soul, and source unknown.
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