Regal Affair

Regal Affair

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Regal Affair

In the third and final year at Whitehouse Institute of Design the students are granted the creativity to choose their own design brief for their last collection. Our designer Mahalia chose to name her brief the "Royal Jewel".  
"I've always loved the renaissance period" she states. Hence the easy decision to create couture pieces based around the era of Kings, Queens and high court. But the range was no direct history lesson. The garments were designed to be a modern take on the elborate decade which took place around the 16th Century. The garments obviously did not take the shape and sculpture of the period recognised but was represented through the decorations placed upon the bodices and neckpieces. The reference is obvious when seeing the garments. Yet the pieces are clearly a modern and unique, becoming their own form.   

The Collection

The range consisted of four dresses, one full length skirt, leather pants, and one top. Unfortunately she clearly underestimated the amount of work and time required to pull off these amazing pieces. When you plan on clashing fabrics that have totally different properties you can expect to have a few issues without adding other elements to it, which of course Mahalia naturally did. Although the collection was not executed to the high standard of which she had hoped. The designs no doubt were a great rendition of the Renaissance Period in contemporary form. With more time and precaution the garments would have been a marvel to behold such craftmanship. Maybe one day the complete range will be redone with new technology and a team of specialised talents. 
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