Introduction to Mahalia Brown the label

Introduction to Mahalia Brown the label

So after writing an extremely long list of what I would like to blog about I thought it is probably best to give you an insight of what our label is actually about.


Mahalia Brown The Label

After finishing a Bachelor degree at Whitehouse Institute of Design it was finally time for Mahalia to start the clothing label she had dreamt about for so long.


Mahalia being a creative at heart always interested in dance, art, design and music, was never far from scribbling on a napkin.

She’d longed for a label which not only fitted in with the upcoming trends but stood out on it’s own platform. Gave women the desired figure shaping structure they craved. Not hide their bodies in sacks because they weren’t paper thin. She wanted to design clothes that made the wearer feel great every time they put it on. Like the go to dress you always wear when you can’t find anything that feels suitable.


The label draws inspiration from the upcoming trends on and off the runway.  But mainly stems from what Mahalia thinks her customers are looking for in the market place. Garments she herself is looking at buying but cannot find.


Our designs are drawn in house by hand (Normally next to a cup of tea). Then are revisited and culled to however many garments we have decided to produce. (Mahalia does tend to get a little carried away and normally designs way too many pieces to produce.) We then start the process of making the images come to life. Getting the production team to help produce whatever vision Mahalia has in her head. This is normally the longest procedure. Everyone sees things differently. Demonstrating what you want and can see in your head can be hard at times. Hence multiple samples are normally constructed.


Overall Mahalia’s love for design is what keeps the label going. Her excitement to start designing and creating each new range is the spark that keeps the label alive.


We hope this gives you a small interlude into our Label Mahalia Brown and look forward to sharing more of our story over the journey we endeavour to take with you.

<3 Mahalia Brown

spring summer fashion collection

spring summer range illustrations

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